Final payment of our invoice is due within 14 days of receipt of invoice*

Please advise us if a bank or solicitor is acting on your behalf. We respectfully ask that disbursements must be paid before the date of the funeral.

*Simple and Direct Cremation funerals must be paid in full before the funeral/cremation takes place.

Should payment not be made in advance, we will contact you 7 working days prior to the funeral date for payment. Please note that failure to pay disbursements in advance may result in the funeral being postponed. There are further details and an explanation of the costs incurred overleaf on the estimate form. Please ensure that these have been read and understood.

At our discretion late/non-payment on the agreed terms, or abuse of this will result in your account being sent to our collections agent and cancellation of your account with us, except for emergencies and duty of care cases. You will become liable for any and all costs incurred once your debt has been sent to the collection agent.